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Robotics For Kids Program


Summer Camps 2019 Gems CYCC Qualifier

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Robotics For Kids Program

At GEMS Robotic program for Kids, students learn through hands-on experiences. They are introduced to basic to advance learning concepts such as Sensors, Motors, circuits, logic and math behind circuits design etc. Initially they use built in Robots to learn these concepts and then start learning robot design, building robots and work with advance robot components.

As the students progress in the Robotic for kids program, they will be implementing scientific knowledge of simple machines, forces and nature itself to improve the performance of robots that they themselves will build. They are introduced to Robotics and coding concept at a high level of abstraction, where, rather than focusing on complex electronics concepts, we look at the functionality of robotics and programming. Technologies used in robotics such as power sources, motors and sensors are engineered into a working robot by the students, which they learn to control with visually interactive programming software. While programming the robots, students will learn programming-coding concepts such as conditional operations, loops, algorithmic thinking, event handling and debugging, for a high level of control. In turn, they will also use mathematical concepts such as measurements of speed, distance and angles to control robotic movements with precision.

Throughout the Robotics for Kids, students are challenged in class through guided assignments based on real world application and creative design projects so they can put their newly learned skills to the test.

At GEMS, our students will also have the opportunity to compete in different internal and external Robotics Competition, where they will compete with students their age worldwide. Such as GEMS Robotics Competition, First Lego League, Zone 101, WRO