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Coding Courses for Kids


Summer Camps 2019 Gems CYCC Qualifier

Gems Learning

Coding Courses

GEMS coding courses are designed to introduce and teach kids in a systematic way. During the course kids learn from the basic to advance level concepts. They start learning from visual block base programing to text base programing and then learn high level language. 

Grade 3-5

This is foundation level of learning code. In this level students start learning from block base programing. They learn programing concepts like Algorithm, conditional statement, loop, key control from drag and drop blocks. They learn to write simple programs and learn how to move/animate characters. They will develop interactive games in this level

Grade 6

In this level, student will be learning design solution using HTML5, CSS and Java Script. Students will design and develop interactive website from scratch

Grade 7-8

Student will be introduced to Python language. Python is a high level and general-purpose programing language which is in use for Machine Learning, Artificial intelligence. Student will be thought to write simple programs, learn data structures, solve different challenges.