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Stem at Gems


Summer Camps 2019 Gems CYCC Qualifier

Our Program

GEMS Learning Institute offers a cutting edge and unique STEM based Robotic and Coding for Kids programs for Grade 1 to Grade 8 children. Our curriculum is designed to capture children curiosity and teach them on real world problems and applications. Our courses are grade appropriate courses and each level being with an entry point and structured ramp-up concepts. We have created a model to teach STEM (Science, technology, engineering and mathematics) as a one subject instead of teaching STEM as a separate subject.

Robotic for Kids

At GEMS Robotic program for Kids, students learn through hands-on experiences. They are introduced to basic learning concepts such as Sensors, Motors, Circuits, Logic and Math behind circuits design etc. Initially they use built in Robots to learn these concepts and then start
learning robot design, building robots and work with advance robot components.

Coding for Kids

We believe in developing “The Programming Mindset” for our students. In several ways, it doesn’t really matter which programming language you learn first. Each language that you learn develops your proficiency with the programming mindset and makes it easier to learn any new language whenever it’s required.

Students learn through hands-on experiences. They are introduced to basic to advance learning concept such as Algorithm, Conditionals statement, Loops, Variables, Sequences, events and functions etc through coding languages that program the way a kid thinks.

Robotic for Kids Courses

Our Robotic program is a unique program where kids start learning from the built-in robots, learn the basic of robotics, understand motors, sensors etc. concept by using them. Slowly and gradually as they progress, they start learning the robot design concepts, circuits, different kind of sensors, design and build robots and program them.

GEMS coding courses are designed to introduce and teach kids in a systematic way. During the course kids learn from the basic to advance level concepts. They start learning from visual block base programing to text base programing and then learn high level language.  

GEMS Robotics Competitions

Participating in robotics competition is satisfying to explore ideas, use creativity and persistence to solve problems, apply knowledge to improve our world, respect each other, embrace our difference while working in the team and be stronger when work together.