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Why GEMS Squared


Summer Camps 2019 Gems CYCC Qualifier

GEMS Squared is a unique Math program/tutoring which not only covers Canadian Curriculum topics but goes beyond!
GEMS Squared

Why would a parent enroll their child in the program?

  • For students who are looking to escalate and expand their knowledge and skill set beyond the established school curriculum and into advanced level mathematics.
  • To helps students become more confident in their ability to do mathematics.
  • For students who are being limited or bored by average school curriculum and who are looking to expand their abilities by challenging themselves with complex word and logical reasoning problem solving.
  • Allows students to reason, communicate ideas, make connections and apply knowledge and skills.
  • Increases opportunities for the use of critical-thinking skills
  • To develop the process of planning and processing skills.
  • For students who are interested in setting up a solid foundation for other areas of interest where mathematics is essential such as robotics and programming.
  • For students who can and want to learn and do more, then an average student.