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Summer Camps 2019 Gems CYCC Qualifier

GEMS Chess program In Schools (Includes Free membership at GEMS Chess club

This Chess program will run at your own child’s school during the lunch hour, if available at the school already.

In this program children will be familiarized with a real style environment of a chess tournament. They will learn a variety of Tactics and openings, end games, recording the game with square notations, game rules, how to set up check mates, and a use of clock while playing the game. Whatever lecture is given in the class they get Classwork and Homework related to it.

All these students are taught by chess professionals at GEMS Learning Institute or at different schools. Our Chess team includes National level Masters, champions, Fid Masters and way more spectacular titles.

GEMS provides a structured environment of learning. Including a game time, lecture time, practicing tactics and analyzing our students’ games.

We offer these learning opportunities at two different gems locations Mississauga and Oakville.

*All students enrolled in these Chess programs receive a free membership of GEMS Chess club during the time of the program at their school. It runs every Friday 6:00pm to 7:00pm, at GEMS Learning Institute, Mississauga Campus and on Mondays In Oakville location. Call to enquire.

Course: GC Intermediate 1-A Age: 5+

In this Chess Class/program children will be familiarized with the elements of tournament environment. They will learn Intermediate level Chess Tactics and puzzles, opening, recording the game with short notations, and use of clocks. Includes Classwork and Homework

Course: GC Intermediate 1-B Age: 5+

(Pre requisite: Students should know the beginner to intermediate level chess. Preferably completed GC Intermediate 1-A)

In this Chess class-program children will learn Openings of the chess game, planning ahead, opening traps in the game and further intermediate level tactics and puzzles. Includes Classwork and Homework.

Course: GC Intermediate 2-A Age: 5+

Age: 5+ Pre requisite: Students should know the Intermediate level chess basics. Preferably completed GC Intermediate 1-A and 1-B

In this Chess Class-program children will learn on improving Pawn End games skills, Key square end. They will further learn Planning, drawing a mini plan and how to save difficult positions, along with Intermediate level Tactics and Puzzles. Includes Classwork and Homework