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Summer Camps 2019 Gems CYCC Qualifier

Gems Learning


GEMS is an ingenious leader for afterschool programs in Canada, offering innovative, academic and creative programs in its evening schools of Mississauga and Oakville campuses.

GEMS provide a safe, secure, inclusive and esthetically beautiful learning environment for an evening school which fosters excellence in education, character and leadership development for students from Kindergarten to grade 8.

Since its establishment in 2013, GEMS have been committed to student success for Math, Coding, Robotics and Chess locally, provincially and at national levels. GEMS is affiliated with Canadian Chess Federation of Canada and runs Canadian Youth Chess Championship qualifiers regularly. We partner up with Peel Staff to organize and run PEEL School Board Chess Tournaments every year. Our Robotics, Coding and Math students participates in Internal and National level competitions providing a huge exposure to our youth. We also specialize in Summer Camps as each and every GEMS Camp has a goal to achieve at the end. Further many kids continue in our regular programs.

GEMS Students gets fully engaged in an enriched curriculum taught by specialist teachers as early as age 4. Differentiated teaching and learning experiences designed to unique learning style are supported by well qualified staff and well devoted management team. High expectations for academic achievement in math, co-exist with opportunities to experience coding, chess and Robotics. 21st Century skills are incorporated at all levels to enhance opportunities and provide for real-world applications.

Our students achieve high in academics and robotics and Chess tournaments and competition getting selected in IB, IBT, Sci TECH, Provincial or National level Robotics leagues and competitions.

GEMS has been honoured for its quality and excellence by MBOT – Mississauga Business of Trades in 2017, as well as Top Choice Awards in 2016 for its outstanding performance and inspiration for Mississauga community.